STEM will revolutionize the world of sports betting!

4 min readAug 30, 2021


The sports market is growing every year and is becoming more colorful and exciting. Sports brings a lot of emotions to the audience, unites people of different cultures and ages in communities with common interests — fan clubs. Sincere involvement in sports life attracts many fans to bookmakers to support faith in their favorite team with a cash bet with the hope of getting some winnings.

But for all the time of the existence of sports betting, a reputation has formed around this industry as an unscrupulous and fraudulent way of earning money on the love and loyalty of fans. The internal” kitchen “ of bookmakers is shrouded in mystery and mystery for ordinary users, and the mechanism of the bookmaker’s work is mathematically calculated so that most of all bets are losing for players: the more bets users lose — the more the bookmaker himself will earn.

The main problem in the betting market

Participants often do not understand how the coefficients for different teams are formed, what they depend on, how to correctly analyze a sports event and which outcome is more likely. And in each bookmaker’s office there are specialists who are engaged in a deep professional analysis of each sports event. After their decisions, mathematical formulas come into play, setting the coefficients so that the bookmaker is always in the black. It turns out that people make bets almost blindly, relying only on their guesses, and often blind faith and love for the team.

Because of this, it is almost impossible to consistently earn money by betting for a long time. The vast majority of users of bookmakers lose their money. Many users are disappointed in this type of earnings and consider it extremely risky.

Solving the problem

Having a good understanding of this industry, having studied the main problems of sports fans and fans, the STEM project team decided to change the existing approach and make a revolution in betting.

Let’s imagine that any commercial company that sells services or goods has a number of parameters: the company’s value, revenue, profits and losses. And what will happen if each football team, the statistics of its game will also be equated with such indicators? You will get STEM!

STEM is an exchange where each sports team has its own virtual currency, represented in the form of tokens.

The price of tokens is determined by the totality of all data about the team (the transfer value of players, ratings, positions in the standings, the state of the team, etc.). The higher the team’s performance, the more expensive the tokens, and vice versa.

By trading tokens, users can predict changes in indicators, statistics and ratings of teams, thereby earning on the growth or fall in the value of tokens.

The STEM project is implemented on blockchain technology. Blockchain provides full transparency of information and its openness. All records in the blockchain can neither be forged nor changed.

All data about the teams is publicly available. All calculations on the pricing of tokens are recorded in the blockchain chains and are not subject to further changes or adjustments. Thanks to this, the financial gambling industry at sports events becomes absolutely transparent and understandable. This ensures maximum user trust and gives sports fans the opportunity to earn money at a distance.


The token of the STEMX project works on the Waves and Tron blockchains. These blockchains are popular, time-tested and have large communities and a developed ecosystem.

At the same time, the Waves and Tron blockchains scale well, they are cheap to use, fast, secure and accessible to all users. These advantages determine the choice of blockchains.

Token name: STEMX
Tokens issued: 100,000,000

Project achievements:

At the moment, the logic of the project has been spelled out, a market analysis has been carried out, a demo model of MVP has been created, the structure and mathematics of issuing tokens for sports teams have been written, a White paper has been written and advertising materials for promoting STEM have been prepared. We are actively working on the deployment of the token environment.

The funds collected at the first round of the ICO will be used for the development of the project and its advertising support.

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STEM - Token exchange of sports team statistics. Changing the betting industry