Why is STEMX worth buying right now? 🚀

STEM is a completely new platform that will change the world of sports betting. And this revolution is now inevitable.
The STEMX token is implemented at a large discount at the development stage of the platform.

The starting sales price is:
$0.01 = 1 STEMX,
end of token sale: $0.03797 = 1 STEMX

During the initial sale of 15,000,000 tokens, each subsequent 1,000,000 will become more expensive, reducing the discount, and also, the token will be placed on other exchanges, where the value of the token may prematurely exceed these values.

After the start of the STEM exchange, this token can be converted to other cryptocurrencies within the project as well as on partner exchanges at a cost of $0.2 = 1 STEMX
This gives you the opportunity to expect at least 2000% growth in the value of the asset, buying it now.

When reaching the planned KPIs of the project within 2 years, the expected value of the 1 STEMX token will exceed $1

It’s time to join the STEM team!


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STEM - Token exchange of sports team statistics. Changing the betting industry