Updates and plans

⚙️Product Updates

2 min readDec 5, 2022


🟢A large complex of work has been carried out to test and refine the security of the system.
🟢Implementation of additional verification via e-mail when using 2fa.
🟢Optimization of servers by load.
🟢Adjustment of the “filter” by commands for desktop and mobile versions.
🟢Adjustment of the work of assigning wallets for each account.
🟢Preparing and launching the first version of the mobile application (PWA) and uploading to Google Play.
🟢Minor visual adjustments have been made to the product.


Work has been launched on the preparation and setup of advertising companies to attract comprehensive interest in the project from both the audience of sports fans and investors.
In the near future will be launched:
🟢Contextual advertising in Google networks
Instagram facebook, twitter, targeted advertising sites
🟢Display advertising on Google, youtube networks
🟢Facebook instagram, twitter, reddit, vkontakte will restart SMM work.
Telegram activity will increase, groups in different languages will be created, and advertising integrations will be purchased in other thematic channels of sports and the crypto industry.

ℹ️ Future plans and explanations

Current product tests have revealed a number of problems that are expressed in a “poor understanding” of the work of our exchange. A lot of work will be done by the product team to improve the UX/UI. This will be an adjustment both in the visual component and in the preparation of a large database of training and explanatory materials that are easy to understand.

The current market sentiment has not been optimistic for several weeks and the focus of football fans has shifted to the current World Cup. In such conditions, the launch of advertising companies would bring poor results, so the team prefers not the speed but the quality of the preparation of advertising companies and the refinement of the product.

In the near future, the activity will increase and we will definitely share all the successes with our audience and give more feedback.




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