STEM ecosystem development plans for 2023

2 min readApr 21, 2023

Every day our team is working to improve and develop the product. We want to share some of our plans for ecosystem development and product updates this year.

🟢We understand that the center of attraction for sports fans can be quality sports stats and analytics, so we are creating a large section with advanced stats for each team that will contain all the major important team parameters.

🟢A “events calendar” section will be added, where users will be able to view future games of all teams against each other.

🟢There will be an update where the interface of the personal cabinet section will be improved, where users will be able to track the value of their portfolio and track the PNL for each token. They will also receive hints and general summaries of market events.

🟢The updates will also affect the main page of the exchange — the “market” section. Informative blocks with “top” tokens by popularity will be added, as well as a block with “important upcoming matches”, which will make it easier to track current and important events throughout the entire market of soccer token statistics.

🟢Planning the development and transformation of the news section, which is starting to evolve as “SPORT Stem News.” It will get its own video news columns and, later, broadcasts.

🟢Payment facilities for accepting bank cards will be added

2023 is an important year for the project, and we have big plans for its development and growth. The year should be fruitful and eventful.

Thanks to everyone who follows STEM.
“The road arises under the footsteps of the walker.”
We are only going forward!




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