STEM announces an additional round of investments.

Sales volume 3,500,000 STEMX at $0.0285
The round will be held through the distribution of purchase orders among all participants of the pharming who will apply for participation.

In total, 350 orders with a nominal value of 10,000 STEMX will be distributed among the applicants. The larger the user’s balance in farming, the higher the chance of getting 1 or more orders. The paid order will create a deposit in farming with the current percentage of profitability.

Terms of the round:
- have a deposit on farming for any amount in any coin
- apply for participation
- freezing of purchased coins by orders for 9 months.

Orders will be distributed until 21.03.2022 inclusive.
The received orders will be available in the “invest” section on the pharming website . The order will have a limited validity period, and all orders that are not paid within the specified period will be deleted.

apply for participation



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