Report on updating the first version of the stock exchange STEM

1 min readNov 9, 2022


Throughout the week, the team received feedback from users and independently analyzed the work of the exchange. There were identified flaws and some errors that were eliminated. We are publishing a brief report on what was done this week.

⚙️ Major technical updates:
🟢Refinement of the mechanism for calculating the issue of tokens of sports teams and its division for each currency.
🟢Adjustment of the mechanics of creating liquidity orders for each currency.

⚙️ Improvements to the mechanics of the interface and interaction:
🟢Added the ability to set prices from the order book by click
🟢Revision of the price chart and correction of data display errors
🟢Adding hints in the exchange interface
🟢Adjustment of the display operation in the order book
🟢Adjustment of the chat on the exchange
Notification when copying the wallet to the clipboard
🟢Updating the site on the user’s side, if a technical update of the exchange was received from the development side
🟢The identified errors during account activation have been resolved
🟢Implementation of a “filter” for team tokens.
🟢Added a navigation and team search window on the bidding page for a quick transition

A lot of minor interface edits were also made.




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