Product Updates Report STEM

2 min readFeb 27, 2023

The STEM team is increasing and the exchange is improving every day. Routine work, study of problems, analysis, search for solutions and implementation of improvements is a continuous process. Every week there are new updates that improve various elements of the exchange, but not all of them are visible to users.

We have prepared a basic summary of updates:

🟢A knowledge base has been integrated into the exchange, which will be supplemented with examples and training. It will be possible to get acquainted with the device of the product without going to a third-party site as it was before, and the process of getting acquainted with the exchange is becoming easier.

🟢The exchange introduces more elements of hints and explanations on the work of various sections and its elements.

🟢The operation of the price chart has been optimized and some errors have been fixed.

🟢The price chart now reflects the events that influenced the change in the price of the team token, which will help to better understand pricing and track the history of changes.

🟢Optimized the operation of background processes and updating data on the page during an active user session.

🟢Fixed and improved the security elements of the system, as well as its stability and resistance to various attacks.

🟢The operation of filters and search in various sections of the exchange is improved and optimized.

You can also send us your suggestions for improving the product to our email .
In the future, the product will have many more improvements, new sections and functions. The plan for their implementation will soon be reflected in the updated roadmap.




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