May 10, 2022

Launching STEMX on the WAVES blockchain 🔷

We are glad to share the news that after many months of work in this direction, we can announce that STEMX is expanding its infrastructure and will be officially supported on the WAVES network.

The official launch of trading on the platform will take place in the first days of June 2022. A liquidity pool with a pair of USDN will be created.
Also in early June, a bridge between BSC (BEP-20) and WAVES will be launched, where you can convert tokens into one of the networks.

The development of the STEMX infrastructure and its support in different networks is an important task, because it will simplify the work of the token and expand its functional applications, expand the possibilities of exchange and conversion with different pairs of assets, and also provide support on all popular crypto wallets and platforms.


STEM - Token exchange of sports team statistics. Changing the betting industry