Functions and purposes of the STEMX token

STEMX is part of the STEM ecosystem and is the primary means of payment.

With STEMX you can:
• Buy sports team statistics tokens.
• Buy exclusive NFTs.
• Pay any transaction fees within the ecosystem.
• STEMX can be sent to farming and receive income from 60% per annum.

• STEMX will run on different blockchains, offering a mature asset infrastructure.
• On the basis of STEMX, a stablecoin will be created, which will block part of the tokens with each emission. This will strengthen its liquidity and increase its value.

• Total emission is 100,000,000 STEMX. Reissue of tokens is not possible.
• STEMX has been security audited by Certik and has no vulnerabilities, and the owner of the smart contract is a zero wallet, which guarantees its security.
• There are no hidden taxes or transaction fees in the smart contract.

STEMX is the future of the sports betting industry

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STEM - Token exchange of sports team statistics. Changing the betting industry